Articles. Each is a  short take on a fresh way to approach conventional topics.

  1. Assumptions for Innovations . A set of principles to use, beginning with the premise that innovation is not about what is new. It is about what is better. 
  2. Collaboration vs. C-Three. The other C words (cooperation, coordination, and communication) suggest ways to manage different units or viewpoints. Collaboration is different —seeking to create results that the individual people or groups involved could not, by themselves, achieve.  
  3. Describing Work…The Job vs. The Result. Why and how descriptions of what a person is to achieve set a very table than those that focus on their duties and activities.
  4. Energy in Organizations. A look at the scarcest resource in an organization and how to build it.
  5. Informing vs Persuading. If you seek to build awareness you are in the business of informing. If you want persons to do something with the awareness they gain, you are in the persuasion business. These pursuits are different.  
  6. Missions, Visions, Beliefs – Rekindling the Flame. Why most mission statements fall flat and sound just those of many other groups. And how to change that.
  7. Sparkplug Leaders. A description of individuals who lead change by their own example and the context of the power of a person.
  8. Strategy and Planning. A short piece on why strategy does not apply until you have a result in mind.

Books and Studies 

1. Outcome Funding, a New Approach to Targeted Grantmaking by Hal Williams, Arthur Webb and William Phillips.    8th printing 2012.  Defines and tracks the difference between funding programs and investing in results. 
2. The Great Community Health Center: Meanings. Pathways. Impacts. by Hal Williams
3. Investing in Results
4. Tracking to Success
5. Assumptions for Greatness.  An in-depth look at the unspoken premises that underlie our logic in calling something great (or excellent or world class.)