Results First Observations & Reflections

The importance of reflecting on practical application and how these testimonies might be applied to your success!

County Government

“As a member of the 2020 Results Leadership Program for the county, I had a project whose result is to reduce the review time of Building and Development Applications by 50%. To ensure that the result is achieved the BADS Go First Team was established. This team consists of all “Early Adopters” with expertise in their position. This team will assist BADS Business Services and the software vendor for configurations and implementation. Project Kick was held on 02/24/2020 and BADS Go First Team met with the vendor to review the project requirements. The positive outcome of this meeting resulted in an email response from ePermit Hub’s Drew Arnold, Co-Founder, “I spoke to Seth today and he mentioned he was very excited about how the project kickoff went earlier this week”. This level of excitement was visible and passed on! Results First concept has been an amazing tool that I have placed in my professional toolbox. I use it every day as I enter meetings or start outlining a new project.

 Lacy Pritchard, Manatee County Government


The Children’s Guardian Fund has two full time employees and collaborates with 500+ volunteers to provide resources to 1,400 local children in foster and state care.  We know the work we do is important, but with limited direct interaction with the children we serve we have struggled to define measurable results/outcomes.  In the Results First courses, I learned that stories can be powerful tools for demonstrating results when follow a story with the number of other similar stories you received from the children served. Thank you for sharing this useful information and for prompting us to think more deeply about how we go about our work.

Svetlana Kaminsky, Children’s Guardian Fund

Hal’s Observations

Reflections are often about achievement. I often remind people and groups that seek to get everyone on the same page of the observation from Mark Twain:  “When five people think alike, four of them are redundant.”  I love quotes that are pin pricks more than those that are soothing!

Case Studies

Go First Team

Success with your Go First Team.

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Targets for Meetings

Success with having Results-focused meetings.

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More Testimonials

I learned the importance that, when offering a survey, keep it short and specific.  Ask how the program made a difference in their life and what specifically they have changed since participating.  Graded scales with too much variation leaves ample room for subjective responses.  Limit the choices ensuring the response is objective.

Kelly Benford, Parenting Matters

Important to help meetings and goals focus on what matters.

Jane Doe

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