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Welcome to my Results First blog!  Entries come in at least once per week with the latest put first.  They will come to your inbox if you sign up for the blog.  These reflections are triggered by something that I read, heard, or saw that speaks in some way to the core idea of starting with results.  You will see an easy way to comment on each entry and I would love to hear from you.       

Hal Williams, Creator Results First

Human-Centered Design: Part 2

Last week, I reprinted the first three principles my client Dave Haney described for Human-Centered Design. Continuing from his newly published article, In times of crisis, colleges should ask different questions than they do in a traditional strategic planning process in Inside HigherEd: No. 4: Engage in prototyping. Too often institutions spend months planning a major […]

Human-Centered Design: Part 1

In times of crisis, colleges should ask different questions than they do in a traditional strategic planning process.  My client and friend Dave Haney wrote an article just published in Inside Higher Ed. Here is a long excerpt that speaks to our work together and the first three of his six principles of result-based strategic […]

Leading By Example

Suzanne McLeod was Superintendent of Union-Endicott Central Schools in New York State. She participates in a program of School Turnaround called Get to Great. A key to this approach which helps good schools get great results is a set of prototype projects. While others may study and plan (ready…aim…aim some more…aim some more) Suzanne fired […]

What happened to results in considering performance?

A recent Washington Post article (6/10/20) looked at how and why funds to use farm surplus to feed hungry Americans led to awards to a San Antonio event planner and a health-and-wellness airport kiosk company.  I know of one key reason:  results and likelihood of their being achieved were not of the highest priority in […]

Riding for your Brand

Marc Chardon, the bright and inquisitive former leader of Blackbaud Inc, and I wrote several pieces together that will be featured on this site. One theme we call, “Riding for the brand.”  Brands we note, do not establish a class or cohort of groups. They exist to define and protect the distinctiveness of an organization, […]

Patient Activation

A cutting edge movement in medicine—and especially in Community Health Centers—focusses on what patients can do to manage and improve their own health. It starts with the assumption that the choice people make in such areas as exercise, diet, smoking, and alcohol are as consequential to health as is all of medical technology. This moves […]

Attributes and Achievement

I keep seeing writings that speak to the power of attributes in forecasting achievement in most jobs.  The latest was sent by a colleague at the Humana Foundation who had read a piece by Jeff Nally, head of the Nally Group, which focused on learnings from Dr. Paul Brown, a professor at the Monarch Business […]

The Achievement Lock of Education

Marissa Dobbert is a middle school math teacher at a charter middle school in Sarasota, Florida.  She was selected as the 2020 Middle School Teacher of the Year in Sarasota County, Florida.  I used her as an example of tracking milestones in a January workshop for nonprofits in Manatee County. I read about Marissa in […]

Musings on Milestone Management

I spent two hours yesterday morning with 80 plus bright eyed leaders and staff of nonprofits in Manatee County, Florida. Our subject was Milestone Management. Simply put, what do you look at that tells you that your participants are making progress that forecasts they will get to a result—whether a job, a house, grade level […]

Energy as the Scarcest Resource

Clear on core values and mission…strong on culture…presence of strategic plan…high-performing board…outstanding leadership… clear policies…, competent technology. Many attributes define successful organizations. In the rosters of qualities of high performing groups, however, we seldom see a factor that may actually be the most important ingredient in predicting sustained success. The word is energy. An organization […]

Evolving into an “Outcome Guide”

When Consulting Just Doesn’t Fit the Narrative of Our Results First Work As a Results First leader, I am different than an every day consultant. I chose the term “Outcome Guide” for six specific reasons: Guiding is in a result context.  You don’t need a guide to wonder through a field or a forest—whether literal or […]

120 minute meeting–60 minute bladder

I have long preached that meetings need agendas and purposes far less than they need targets. What has to be achieved for this 30 minute gathering of eight persons  to be wildly successful?   I can now report that over 50 clients using this approach report that their average meeting time has been cut in half […]

Wise words are often contradictory

It is hard to agree with “Absence makes  the heart grow fonder”  and also with  “Out of sight, out of mind.”  I came across another twosome of adages recently.  On the one hand, “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” On the other, “What you see is what you get.  I often advise people […]