Results 1st Approach

Welcome to Results 1st

What is Results 1st?

Getting Started

1. What is Results 1st – Results 1st is a way to define, track and verify results.

2. Activities vs. Results – The most important distinction in Results 1st is between what we do and what we achieve. Completing a plan is an activity. People using the plan to achieve something specific is a result. Take a dive into this distinction.

3. Creating Great Result Statements – This section defines the elements that move success from intent to achieve something to the very specific gains of a defined result.

4. Defining by Achievement – When you speak to the value you add, it is far more likely to create energy and a memory trace than if you tell people what you do. Here’s how to practice that.

Results People and Practices

5. Results Leaders (This means you) – Staff are not just a component of an organization. They are the key to making plans, policies and projects come alive. Here are five specific steps to breathe life into work, whether you supervise anyone else or just yourself.

6. Attributes of Result Leaders – Energy and tenacity matter more to achievement than do degrees or even experience. Take a look at yourself as a “sparkplug” that makes things happen. You can build on your strengths here – far more exciting than correcting your deficiencies!

7. Selecting your “Go First” Team – To be highly successful, we typically need help – at least from a few other persons. Learn here about the power of “early adopters” who have an itch to act as the persons to whom you turn first.

Results 1st Initiatives

8. Targets for Meetings – Most people in organizations say that many of the meetings they attended are not a good use of their time. Results first suggests driving meetings not by agendas of topics but by clarity on what. When we replace the agenda of what is to be covered with the target of what is to be achieved, most meetings are shorter and sharper. Here’s how to do it.

9. Seeding Innovation – High achieving groups have a steady stream of new ideas to improve things. The best have a way of defining success as doing something with ideas to see if they work. Here’s a step by step process for doing that.

10. Results-based Grantmaking – Manatee County for years has funded social and health services provided by nonprofits. In our approach this has changed to investing in results. Some tools used apply to our work, also funded by the county as an approved budget.

For more view this video by our Results 1st creator, Hal Williams:​​​​​​​