Go First Team

Go First Team

For most change to happen we rely on other people to help. All too often, however, we miss the best people for this purpose. We choose persons who have the most experience, seniority, or influence. Our veterans lead.

Results 1st suggests a different tack: choose a Go First Team made up of those most eager to try something new. This is a mindset not correlated with education, experience or even skills. It is shaped by attributes such as energy, inquisitiveness, achievement motivation and tenacity.   

Please watch this short video which defines three kinds of persons when it comes to responding to change. 

Does the Approach Work?

Lacy Pritchard tried it, here’s her take:

As a member of the 2020 Results Leadership Program for the County, I had a project whose result is to reduce the review time of Building and Development Applications by 50%. To ensure that the result is achieved the BADS Go First Team was established. This team consists of all “Early Adopters” with expertise in their position. This team will assist BADS Business Services and the software vendor for configurations and implementation.

Project Kick was held on 02/24/2020 and the BADS Go First Team met with the vendor to review the project requirements. The positive outcome of this meeting resulted in an email response from ePermit Hub’s Drew Arnold, Co-Founder, “I spoke to Seth today and he mentioned he was very excited about how the project kickoff went earlier this week.” This level of excitement was visible and passed on!

Results First concept has been an amazing tool that I have placed in my professional toolbox. I use it everyday as I enter meetings or start outlining a new project.

UPDATE: The BADS Go First Team continues to thrive and excel my expectations with our ePermit Hub Project. The positive energy they provide is the fuel that keeps this project moving forward. These persons chosen for their readiness to “go first” with a new project continue to provide valuable insights. We all share the determination to achieve our result, which so benefits reviewers and customers.”​​​​​​​​​​​​​​-Lacy Pritchard, Business Service Analyst, Building and Development Services (BADS)