I have an heir!

Robyn Faucy-Washington,
Executive Director of Results 1st

No, I have not found a long lost relative. What I have found is a wonderful partner to carry on my work on result tools and practice for years to come.  I met Robyn Faucy-Washington as a client. She has been CEO of Neuro Challenge, the organization helping persons and families with Parkinson’s in Sarasota, Florida, and surrounding counties.  The group serves people throughout Florida and, virtually, throughout the country.  At Neuro Challenge, she doubled both number served and income in short order.  She also created the largest Parkinson’s specific event in the nation.   

Robyn and I have formed a new organization called Results 1st. I am billed as its Creator, and she is Chief Executive.   I will devote time to strategy and writing, and she will lead projects with governments, foundations, individual donors, and nonprofits. Click here for more information on Robyn and our new organization. 

I have always preached that the person is more important than the plan when it comes to achievement.   This was an opportunity to apply my own sermons and I am delighted with the result. Robyn has incredibly high energy, an itch to act, humor, and gift in helping others.  She is also a remarkably quick study when it comes to picking up on the tools and approaches I have honed over many years working with groups and people.  

Thanks, Robyn, for taking the risk to start Results 1st. Our name says it all!

By Hal's Results 1st

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Congratulations to both Hal and Robyn.
The partnership sounds like it is a great match.

Very excited to see you two team up. Dynamic duo. Hal your new name should be Batman. Robyn is an amazing choice.

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