Target Practice

Many graphics on the pursuit of results has the look of a target and a small “bulls eye” at the center. Indeed, my colleagues and I called our book Outcome Funding…a new approach to targeted grantmaking. And—sure enough—put the traditional target image on the cover. I am now questioning this way of looking at aiming points. In the vital area of inclusion, diversity, and equity, for example, a much broader canvas seems needed. Perhaps many points on the periphery should get as many points as hitting the center. The point is to recognize both complexity and different perspectives as what must first be achieved. As well as the sense that we need to loosen up to see more possibilities rather than narrowly focus on a pre-set victory shot. I will henceforth keep the bullseye for very specific gains and limit its use when vision must broaden rather than narrow.

By Hal's Results 1st

Hal Williams 
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