What happens when organizations or individuals put Results 1st?  The answer is simple but profound: you can then make your activity intentional to achieving them.  Without starting with clarity on success, we let traditional processes and structures define what we do. We may start and finish on time. We are, however, very unlikely to achieve at the highest possible level. To end with a result you have to start with one.

This website reflects the vision, tools, and approaches of Results 1st creator, Hal Williams. Head over to Evolution for a look at Hal’s approach from early funding to the public dissemination of examples and practices in his book Outcome Guide, to his many articles, and now this evolution of his thinking and practice into the Results 1st website and blog!  And for real-time musings from Hal’s fertile mind, sign up for his blog.

Check out our three points of approach:

1. Results are a way of thinking, feeling, and acting. They are not a component of plans or programs. They are the point of plans and programs – and indeed of organizations. [See More]

2. Results and activities are different. Most organizations on their websites talk about the number they serve. We are far more interested in how many improve their lives and conditions from services. [See More]

3. Energy is the scarcest and most important resource for high achievement.  Unlike information, you can’t buy energy. You have to make it. [See More]

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